DIONEX ICS-6000: A Powerful Tool for Environmental Analysis 

The DIONEX ICS-6000, a high-performance Ion Chromatography (IC) system by Thermo Fisher Scientific, stands as a robust, versatile instrument in environmental analysis. Its exceptional features and sophisticated design make it an indispensable tool in the field, allowing researchers to effectively study and understand various environmental components. 

Key Features and Capabilities 

CD Conductivity Detector (Analytical) and Integrated Cell 

At the heart of the ICS-6000 is the CD Conductivity Detector. This microprocessor-controlled component with digital signal processing sets it apart from other IC systems. Its unique ability to detect and resolve high and low concentrations of analytes in the same run enhances its sensitivity and range of detection. The integrated cell, positioned within the detector compartment, ensures optimum thermal stability and significantly reduces tubing lengths, leading to a better response time and less potential for sample degradation. 

DIONEX ICS-6000 Eluent Generator 

The DIONEX ICS-6000 Eluent Generator, another crucial component of the ICS-6000, bolsters the system’s analytical capabilities. It simplifies the process of ion chromatography by continuously producing high-purity eluents, which results in better precision, accuracy, and reproducibility of results. 

DIONEX ICS-6000 DC-6 Detector/Chromatography Module 

The DIONEX ICS-6000 DC-6 Detector/Chromatography Module adds to the system’s overall flexibility and performance. This module allows for simultaneous operation of multiple detectors, enabling complex analyses and expanded capabilities in environmental assessment. 

AS-AP 1.5/0.3 mL Vial Tray 

The AS-AP 1.5/0.3 mL Vial Tray enhances the system’s productivity. It accommodates a large number of samples, which allows for high-throughput screening and comprehensive environmental analysis. 


  • Versatility: The DIONEX ICS-6000 is a versatile tool capable of handling a broad range of ions and polar molecules, making it exceptionally suitable for environmental analysis. 
  • Sensitivity: Thanks to its CD Conductivity Detector, the ICS-6000 can detect analytes at both high and low concentrations, offering remarkable sensitivity. 
  • High Throughput: The AS-AP 1.5/0.3 mL Vial Tray makes the system capable of analyzing a large number of samples in a short period, significantly enhancing productivity. 
  • Stability and Accuracy: The microprocessor-controlled CD Conductivity Detector, along with the eluent generator, provides consistent and accurate results, thereby increasing confidence in the generated data. 


Despite the numerous strengths of the ICS-6000, a few limitations must be noted: 

  • Complex Setup: The intricacies of the system can make the initial setup and maintenance challenging for less experienced users. 
  • Cost: High-performance features and components can make the system more costly than other options in the market, potentially affecting its accessibility for some laboratories. 

Applications in Environmental Analysis 

The DIONEX ICS-6000 has wide applications in environmental analysis, including: 

  • Water Quality Monitoring: It can be used for the analysis of anions, cations, and organic acids in water samples, essential in assessing water quality. 
  • Soil Analysis: The system is capable of determining nutrient composition, pollutant presence, and overall soil health. 
  • Air Quality Assessment: It can be employed for the analysis of aerosols and trace gases, offering insights into air quality and pollution levels. 
  • Waste Management: It can analyze contaminants in industrial waste and aid in the development of effective waste 

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