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Northern BC solutions for a Global context

Environmental Solutions Lab

Northern BC solutions for a Global context

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Northern BC’s Environment and Climate Solutions Innovation Hub

Under new leadership in 2016, the NALS was created as a Central Equipment Lab to address the growing need for analytical services at the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George, BC. The NALS is home to an extensive suite of analytical science instrumentation that enables a broad spectrum of in-house, provincially, federally, and internationally accredited biological, chemical, and physical analyses. Our services are available to the private, public and non-profit sectors to help meet their research, development, analytical and quality assurance needs.

In 2022, PacifiCan, a new federal agency, invested 1.92 M to establish the Northern BC’s Environmental & Climate Solutions Innovation Hub” in the NALS that will allow for the increased and expedited development and prototyping of new materials and technologies. This will help solve pressing environmental concerns in Northern B.C. in sectors including water management, mining, forestry, and bioenergy.

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Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene testing plays a vital role in the health and safety of workers across the globe. Governments and industries have developed standards over time that are meant to contribute to the welfare of those doing the work as well as the health and well-being of surrounding communities.

Water Testing

Water sustains us and is the molecule of life. Knowing what’s in it is important. Whether you are getting an annual well inspection or using water for irrigation, our water package covers everything you need to determine your water quality.

Soil Testing

All food comes from soil. Thinking of starting your own farm? We can help you determine the mineral composition/nutrient profile, cation exchange capacity, organic matter composition of the soil and much more, making it easy for you to optimize the soil for your needs.

Air Testing

We breathe over 10000 litres a day. Imagine what would happen if you were a welder, a construction worker, or had a gas leak at your house? Our job is to help you understand the air you breathe, whether it’s indoor air, ambient air, or industrial air.

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